About Us

Domo Graniti quarry representative for the American Continent, introducing two of the most arquitectural, luxurious and unique stones from the Italian Alps, Alps Snow and Alps Emerald.

We also trade the highest quality Natural Stones from Europe, carefully selected and inspected from the most prestige quarries.

With more than 25 years of experience and offices in Italy, China and USA, Alps Marmi offer a well rounded natural stone service, from extracting blocks to cut to size for projects, including processing all the existing finishes, carving and mosaics, etc.

Our natural stone is an ideal material for all architectural and design solutions for interiors and exteriors.

Italia Exclusive

Alps Snow

Our exclusive Gneiss & Quartzite Stone from the Domodossola area in North Italy. Grey with unique grain plus Myca. Uniform + Homogeneous. Simply unique. Good for interiors and exteriors applications.

Alps Emerald

Our exclusive, exquisite and unique Quartzite+ Gneiss, quarried in prestigious Italian Alps. Emerald color with white veins that create an interesting unique aesthetic effect. Good for interiors and exteriors applications.

Alps Mosaic

Introducing for the first time our exclusive line of Alps Mosaic.

Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness while using a luxurious and strong natural stone good for all type of uses.


On this Stone you’ll build

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