ALPS SNOW (Gneiss + Quartzite)

Our exclusive Alps Snow Gneiss + Quartzite from the Domodossola area in North Italy, is an exquisite natural stone featuring a unique texture, a durable, hard surface and ideal for interior and exterior applications. Because of its uniqueness, uniformity and pleasant color is the ideal choice for all type of projects. Available in polished, honed, brushed, flamed, water brushed, sand blast, sawn, split face, resin and even block skin.


Cross Cut / Flower Pattern
Vein Cut / Eyes or Wave Pattern
Flower Brushed
Flower Honed
Flower Polished
Eyes Brushed
Eyes Honed
Eyes Polished

Special Finishes

Block Skin
Natural Split
Resin aka Alps Notte


Stone Type
Gneiss + Quartzite as layer stone with Myca.
White and Grey (Bianca + Grigia) with unique grain and patterns. Uniform and homogeneous.
Interior and exterior.

Alps Snow is an architectural, very hard and durable stone ideal for all type of applications.
Main Applications
Commercial interior and exterior flooring, exterior and interior cladding, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, etc.