ALPS EMERALD (Gneiss + Quartzite)

Our exquisite Alps Emerald, quarried in prestigious north Italy area is a Quartzite+ Gneiss with emerald and white veins that create an interesting unique aesthetic effect.

Available in many finishes, including:

HONED finished with abrasives, smooth but with a matte effect with a diffuse reflection of light.

BRUSHED to create a coarse yet smooth effect that still guarantees a diffuse reflection of light.

POLISHED finished with abrasives , extremely smooth with spectacular reflection of light.

Alps Emerald is an architectural stone good for exterior and interior cladding, commercial flooring, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, etc.


Vein Cut Disk
Vein Cut Polished
Cross Cut Brushed
Cross Cut Disk
Cross Cut Honed


Stone Type:
Gneiss + Quartzite as layer stone with Myca
Emerald and white with silver mica
Interior and exterior.
Alps Emerald is very hard and durable stone with an unique and interesting aesthetic effect.
Main application:
Commercial interior and exterior flooring, exterior and interior cladding, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, etc.