Project: WONBIN B/D
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Supplied year: 2017
Stone: Alps Snow Eyes Pattern/ Vein Cut, Honed
Quantity: 2,000 m²
Specified by: Atelier Jun
Application: Exterior Cladding
Supplier: Egam Marmi, Inc
"The Boulder House, located near ‘Seolleung’, the former royal tomb that became a park in Gangnam, Seoul, is surrounded by multi-family houses, making it unsuitable for the single-family house. On the other hand, the client, famous couple of movie stars, made a very high request for privacy because they have stalking problem from media and fans.
In the paradoxical process of designing a home in an area where privacy is very unfavorable for a client whose privacy is very important, the building becomes a very unique feature that is not usually seen."